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This page was last updated 16th November 2020

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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies between you, the user of this website and Kids Connection, the owner and provider of this website. Kids Connection takes the privacy of your information very seriously. this privacy policy applies to our use of any and all data collected by us or provided by you in relation to your use of the website.

We keep your details for our records only. We never disclose customer information to third parties.


Environmental policy


Here at Kids Connection we strive to incorporate sustainability into our corporation as best as we can. We try our best to follow the following policies and practices:


  • Conserve energy, water and natural resources
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products where possible.
  • Reuse, recycle and reduce.




Reduce, Reuse and Recycle




  • We reduce our waste by asking our suppliers to send items in as little packaging as possible.
  • We reuse any packaging we can and avoid letting customers take packaging home as we can reuse there’s also rather than it going in the bin.
  • We supply our staff with reusable cutlery, dishes , cups and glasses, so there is less waste.
  • Most of the unform we stock and supply is made from reusable materials.
  • We reduce waste by donating anything we aren’t using like office equipment, clothing and shoes to charitable organizations.
  • We keep lights and heating off when they are not needed.
  • Use LED lighting


Toxics Reduction


We Shall reduce the use of toxic materials to protect our employees/customers health and environment.


We shall do the following:


  • Only use recycled content, products, material and supplies where possible.
  • Recycle universal waste such as electronics, batteries, fluorescent light tubes.
  • Reuse bottles for products/cleaning purposes, we use a refill shop for e.g. hand soap.


Environmentally preferable purchasing


We shall purchase/use the following where possible:


  • Recycled content office and toilet paper (where feasible)
  • Products with the least packaging .
  • Delay deliveries from our suppliers to us as much as possible to be able to have fewer deliveries and packaging.
  • Recycle office furniture and supplies
  • Promote the use of refillable bottles, reuse plastic carry bags where possible.