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Brown and Black School Shoes

Beat the queues this year and buy your children's school shoes at your LOCAL School Shoe Shop....

Kids Connection Dancewear and Shoe Shop stock a wide range of boys and girls BROWN and black school shoes and staff are trained to measure feet and fit shoes!


We stock different width fittings in our different brands, there are plenty on the website, but we do have more in store and if you want them to be fitted by a trained member of staff then come and see us.

Brands we stock:

  • Hush Puppy
  • Lelli Kelly
  • Noel
  • Luchi
  • Toughiees/Term
  • Buckle My Shoe
  • Pod
  • Petasil
  • Kickers
  • GEOX


Our sizes range from a childs size 7 up to a ladies size 8 and a mens size 10! For the older boys we stock POD and Ben Shermans slip on and lace up shoes.


Prices range from £24.99 up to £59.99


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