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Chauncy School

 Chauncy School Uniform List

Boys (Winter)                                             Girls (Winter)

Logo Blazer                                                  Logo Blazer

White L/S or S/S shirt                                   White L/S, S/S or ¾ sleeve up to neck blouse

House Tie                                                    House Tie

Black Trousers                                             Black pleated skirt (to the knee) / Black Trousers

Plain black V-Neck Jumper                            Plain black V-Neck Jumper

Black ankle socks                                         White ankle socks / Black tights

Black leather school shoes                                       Black leather school shoes

BOYS & GIRLS (Summer)

Logo white polo shirts can be worn instead of a shirt / blouse and tie

(Plain can be worn but logo preferred)


P.E Kit

Emerald/Black PE Polo

Emerald/Black PE Shorts (boys or girls)

Emerald/Black PE Skort (girls)

Emerald/Black Rugby Reversible (boys)

Emerald/Black PE Hoody (girls)

Emerald/Black PE Socks

Black Track Bottoms

Black/white Trainers

Swim Trunks / Swim Suit

Shin Pads

Gum shield


Chauncy GCSE PE Uniform please enquire by either coming in to see us or call 01992587466.