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Mill Mead School

Mill Mead School Uniform List

Boys (Winter)                                          Girls (Winter)

Logo V-Neck Jumper                                   Logo V-Neck Jumper

White Logo Polo Shirt (Not Compulsory)       White Logo Polo Shirt (Not Compulsory)

Any Colour Polo Shirt                                  Any Colour Polo Shirt

Navy / Black / Grey Trousers                       Navy / Black / Grey Skirt or Trousers

                                                                (NO Pinafores)

Any dark ankle socks                                 Any dark Ankle / Knee socks or dark Tights

Black School Shoes                                    Black School Shoes

Navy Bookbag                                           Navy Bookbag

Boys (Summer)                                       Girls (Summer)

Navy / Grey Shorts instead of Trousers       Purple Gingham Summer dresses

Royal Blue Cap                                         Royal Blue Cap

(With or without the legionnaire)               (With or without the legionnaire)

P.E Kit

Yellow logo polo shirt

Royal blue cotton P.E shorts

Royal blue track bottoms

Royal blue logo fleece

Navy P.E bag

Any colour shoe bag


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